Become a Sponsor!

Our mission is to enable students to learn about new technologies and gain hands-on experience through technical workshops, competitions, and mentorship. As part of this mission, we provide our members with a lounge to study in, training sessions at Endeavor, as well as networking opportunities with various companies.

Our goals for the future are to provide more of the following:

  • Student and Company led projects to provide more hands-on engineering experience.
  • Learning workshops to facilitate new skills outside of the classroom.
  • Funding to help provide STEM outreach to our community.

To make our club accessible to everyone, we keep our membership fee low - only $20 for an entire year. While this is enough to cover some project costs, we still rely on corporate donors to provide for our larger projects and needs.

There are many benefits to becoming a sponsor such as access to our IEEE Resume Book, logo placements, and much more. Interested in sponsoring the future of IEEE? View our sponsorship options below!

Benefit Bronze ($100) Silver ($500) Gold ($1000) Diamond ($2500) Elite ($5000)
Publicized Event
Resume Book
Logo on Website
Logo on T-Shirts / PCBs
Banquet Invitation
Logo on Purchased Equipment
Additional Benefits