Become a Member

We are super excited you are considering joining our IEEE Student Branch here at OSU! Due to COVID-19, we are doing away with membership fees for the 2020-2021 academic year! However, we are implementing a point system to award attendance for our various meetings and events.

What are Electrons?

Electrons are the new point system we have implemented to award attendance. Each event or meeting we have will be worth a number of Electrons. At the end of each semester, we will have a drawing for various prizes that could range in value from $50-$500. To see how many entries you get, use the table below.

Rank Electrons Needed Total Entries
Bronze 1
Silver 20 2
Gold 40 3
Diamond 60 4
Elite 100 5

Want a guaranteed entry? Earn 5 Electrons for signing up for a national IEEE membership!

How to Join the National IEEE Organization

National IEEE Membership Fees: $32 per year, $16 per semester

To join the national branch of IEEE, go to and sign up for a student membership. Note, you must obtain your national ID # as proof of membership. Just contact us to get your 5 Electrons. Please have your National ID #, OSU CWID, and a account already created.