Welcome to OSU IEEE!

IEEE is the world’s largest professional organization devoted to advancements in technological fields such as electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science. With over 400,000 members and over 2,000 global chapters, members can effectively network in their areas of interest and future profession.

Company Connections

Our mission is to enable students to learn about various aspects of both general engineering and electrical engineering. Due to the current virtual climate due to COVID-19, we are aiming to allow companies to directly connect with our members and the student body here at Oklahoma State University. We are doing that through our Company Connection page. Here companies can post company content that students can comment questions on. The company can then respond to questions and view student profiles.

The following companies have graciously sponsored OSU IEEE. For more details, just click on the company logo. Want to see your company on this list? Email us at ieee@okstate.edu to learn more!